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Download the mobile payroll app that makes payroll, taxes, and onboarding delightfully easy.

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Just chat:
Run my payroll

See how easy it is to run small business payroll (and more) with Roll by ADP

Small business payroll designed with you in mind

Roll by ADP is the only chat-based mobile payroll app specifically designed for small business owners to keep payroll easy—like, ridiculously easy. You're already crunched for time—you shouldn't be crunching numbers too.

Payroll onboarding
as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Whether you're a business of one or beginning to grow your team, you need a payroll solution for your small business.

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Install the “Roll – Payroll App” and sign up in just minutes — all through your phone.

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Roll will let you know when payroll time rolls around. Or just chat "Run my payroll" to get started.

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Get your payroll done in under a minute – just confirm the pay amount and timing. Now go back to being a brilliant small business owner!

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See why small business owners heart Roll

It was
really easy
to set up.
"I've already recommended Roll to a few other small-business owners. I tell them it's easy and you can do it from anywhere."

Charlie Osborne

CEO of OSMEAC Solutions
"Not having to stress about payroll is a relief. Roll has given me more time to focus on my business."

Heather Wisor

Independent Software Consultant
"Setting up Roll was the easiest process I've ever done, and I've worked with a lot of payroll companies over the past 20 years."