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Meet Roll by ADP, the chat-based payroll app with advanced GenAI technology for next-level small business payroll management, now featuring smart HR assistance.

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GenAI-powered insights

Facts and figures related to your company and employees are converted into natural language, making it quicker and easier than ever to get the info you need. Just tap and #AskRoll.

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Pay Your People Fast

No desktop. No laptop. No problem. Roll's intelligent chat-based interface guides you through the entire payroll process in just a few taps — all from your phone. You run payroll today. Your team gets paid tomorrow (not 4 days from now). 💥

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Payroll taxes
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Take the worry out of tax filing and deposits. Roll by ADP handles it for you. With Roll by ADP, you get the expertise and reliability of the biggest name in payroll, right in your pocket.

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Proactive payroll alerts
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Roll does more than just keep up. It stays ahead — sending you alerts and reminders so you can stay on top of due dates and deadlines. And finally ditch all those sticky notes.

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