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Intelligent Assistance

Roll by ADP is smart — getting to know you and your small business to help you run things even quicker over time. Powered by AI, it stays ahead of payroll tasks and deadlines so you can stay focused on the important stuff.

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AI-driven small business app

At the heart of Roll is a chat-based technology that allows you to make changes the same way you would text a friend. Need to give Jen a raise? Just open up the app and type "Give Jen a raise." Want to give Steve a bonus? Type "Give Steve a bonus" and go from there.

Roll will learn the nuances of your business and adapt to meet your needs.

Your very own payroll assistant

Roll learns the ins and outs of your business to effortlessly manage payroll, so you can put your focus where you want it.
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Alerts and notifications

Roll lets you know when it’s time to do payroll (and other important stuff). All you have to do is chat back.
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Timeline to-dos

Never wonder what comes next. Roll gets to know the rhythm of your business and lines up your next to-dos in advance.
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AI-driven error checks

Roll analyzes your payroll in real time to make sure it's in line with your normal run. And if not, Roll will alert you just in case. Because Roll always has your back.
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Payroll alerts and notifications

Roll will send regular payroll reports when you need them, as well as information on new hires once they're in the system. It'll also automatically handle deductions, garnishments, taxes and more.

Because Roll learns with you, you'll get the right alerts and notifications when you need them — all right at your fingertips.

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