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With the Roll by ADP app, your employees can manage their own profiles and find the info they need at their fingertips (so you don't have to). Everybody wins!


Power to your people

From payday alerts to easy access to job, pay, and benefit info, Roll has your people covered.

Easy employee self-service

Just tell Roll where to send the invite link and your new hires can download the app to get started. After onboarding, employees can make address changes, update marital status, choose tax withholding, and more.

Ping! It’s payday!

Workers get payday alerts so they always know when that 💰 is about to hit.

Everything at a glance

Employees can see their job, pay, and benefit info with a quick tap on their profile icon.

Easy employee self-service

Empowering employees to access, update, and be in charge of much of their own HR-related tasks can help you focus on the other aspects of running your business.

Employee self-service portals allow your full-time, part-time and 1099 contractors to not only ensure their personal information is correct and up to date but also receive alerts and updates for any tasks they may need to accomplish.

Setting it all up is super simple, too. Just tell Roll where to send the invite link: your new hires can download the app and update all their personal information from there.

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Onboarding and payday alerts

Roll will not only help you get new employees into your payroll system — it will also take them through the onboarding process. This includes signing up for benefits, setting up direct deposit, and other onboarding tasks that can all be done from the app using its AI-driven chat functionality.

Once workers are set up and in the system, they'll get payday alerts so they always know when their deposit is about to hit. They'll also get notifications if they need to update or check information in their profile.

Everything payroll, all at a glance

Roll handles many of the basic payroll and HR needs that would otherwise be cumbersome, including:

  • At-a-glance job, pay, and benefit info
  • Payday notifications
  • Viewing and downloading paystubs
  • Downloading tax statements
  • Proactive task and deadline reminders

Ready To Roll?

No training. No long-term contract. No hassle.
Step one, download.
Install the app and onboard yourself in just 15 minutes.
Step two, chat.
Start running payroll ASAP. Just chat "Run my payroll".
Step three, pay.
Finish payroll in under a minute.

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