What can you do with Roll?

Run payroll in under a minute — and so much more.


Payroll & Tax Filing

Chat-based payroll in under a minute. Seriously. Just a few taps and payroll is done! Plus Roll handles tax filing so you don’t have to.


Employee Self-Service

With Roll by ADP, your employees can quickly find and manage their own pay info right in the app.


Raises & Bonuses

Just chat “Give Brenda a raise” and Roll walks you through the rest. You’re done before you know it (and Brenda is one happy camper)!


Intelligent Assistance

Powered by AI, Roll stays ahead of payroll tasks and deadlines so you can stay focused on the important stuff.


Payroll and Tax Filing

No need to add payroll to your to-do list or block time on your calendar. Just a few swipes and taps — and viola! ✨ Payroll’s done. Faster, easier and so much more enjoyable than you ever thought payroll could be.

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Payroll with a chat

Enough said. Roll by ADP is the only chat-based payroll app. It's intuitive. Intelligent. And you already know how to use it.

Pay employees in any state

Or ones that live and work in different states - not every payroll provider can do this. (We 👀 you digital nomads.)

Payroll tax filing

Roll ❤️ payroll taxes. Federal, state and local taxes are calculated, deducted and paid for you — so you can stop stressing.

Next-day direct deposit

Set payments to hit tomorrow. Not 4 days from now. (Or send a check same day if your employees are old school like that.)

Payroll reports sent to you

And your accountant or bookkeeper (if that’s what you want). Roll will make it happen.

Pay W-2 & 1099 workers

Full-time, part-time, seasonal, overtime. Pay who you want, what you want, when you want. Roll can do it all.

Run payroll with confidence

Fast payroll is awesome, but not if it's riddled with mistakes. Run payroll with confidence with Roll by ADP.

No training necessary

No payroll experience necessary, either. You just have to know how to chat. For real.

Unlimited chat support

Live chat support means you can ask all your burning payroll questions — and Roll will answer. 🤜🤛

Power to your people

With the Roll app, your employees can manage their own profiles and find the info they need at their fingertips (so you don't have to). Everybody wins! 🎉

Easy employee self-service

Just tell Roll where to send the invite link, and your new hires can download the app to get started. After onboarding, employees can manage their own information, like address changes, marital status, tax withholding and more.

Ping! It’s payday!

Workers get payday alerts so they always know when that 💰 is about to hit.

Everything at a glance

Employees can see their job, pay and benefit info with a quick tap on their profile icon.

Raises & Bonuses

Your employees are crushing it. 👊 With Roll, just tap a few buttons and show your appreciation whenever you feel like it.

Off-cycle bonuses

Don’t wait a whole year to reward your team for a job well done. Send a little something 💸 right now with Roll.

Rapid raises

Same thing goes for raises. Want to change Zach's salary today? Go for it!

Intelligent Assistance

Roll is smart — getting to know you and your business to help you run things even quicker over time. It’s like your very own intelligent payroll assistant.

Alerts and notifications

Roll lets you know when it’s time to do payroll (and other important stuff). All you have to do is chat back.

Timeline to-dos

Never wonder what comes next. Roll gets to know the rhythm of your business and lines up your next to-dos in advance.

AI-driven error checks

Roll analyzes your payroll in real time to make sure it's in line with your normal run. And if not, Roll will alert you just in case. Because Roll always has your back.

Ready to Roll?

No training. No long-term contract. No hassle.


Install the app and onboard yourself in just 15 minutes.


Start running payroll ASAP. Just chat run my payroll.


Finish payroll in under a minute.

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