Client “Roll” of Fame

Find out how entrepreneurs like you keep their small businesses rolling with a little help from a smarter payroll solution. Meet just a few of Roll by ADP’s success stories.

Helping to Keep Talent Thriving and Barriers Broken

Discover how Roll by ADP, empowers entrepreneurs like Shanae, founder of 'no cream in this coffee', by simplifying payroll management, so she can maintain her unwavering commitment to removing workplace hindrances.


More from our Clients

Learn how Roll by ADP has enabled Troy to dedicate more time to honing his craft, empowering him to go above and beyond in delivering an outstanding customer experience and creating final products that his clients will treasure.

Success StoryMay 23, 2024

A greeting card designer writting caligraphy on a card.

Success StoryDec 08, 2023

Hair salon owner cutting a client's hair.

Success StoryJun 16, 2023

Physical therapist with a patient.

Success StoryJun 02, 2023

Female author and local journalist writing her next article.

Success StoryMay 19, 2023

Gift shop located in Maine.

Success StoryMay 05, 2023

Discover how Monette's passion for Maine's art scene led her to create a one-of-a-kind shopping experience in her store. Learn how Roll by ADP supports her in pursuing her true passion.

Success StoryMay 05, 2023

Person driving a rental car

Success StoryApr 14, 2023

Home renovators looking at paint swatches.

Success StoryApr 07, 2023

Home renovator measuring wood

Success StoryMar 31, 2023

Antique shop owner taking pictures of her inventory.

Success StoryMar 10, 2023

Real Estate agent handing the keys to a house to their client.

Success StoryFeb 03, 2023

Woman wearing a bright yellow knitted sweater typing on her laptop with a rainbow keyboard cover.

Success StoryJan 20, 2023

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