Payroll is broken.
Roll fixed it.


Payroll is complicated. Roll made it easy.

How? By being the first-of-its kind mobile payroll solution specifically made with small business owners in mind. Get to know the Roll app and get ready for a whole new way to pay your people.

As easy as sending a text



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As easy as payroll gets

Your business tools shouldn’t add to the stress and chaos of running your business. They should be a solution. Roll asked: Why can’t processing payroll be easier? Like, as easy as texting a friend?

And then we made it happen.

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As fast as payroll gets

You’ve got better things to do with your time. With Roll, it takes less than a minute to run payroll — and with industry-first offerings, your employees can get paid the very same day. Just submit amounts and hours worked, and the funds are directly deposited within 24 business hours. You can also opt for same-day deposits if you want to pay your workforce even faster.
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As smart as payroll gets

Grow your business intelligently with Roll and enhanced GenAI capabilities. The app learns your payroll habits and automatically alerts you to compliance errors and adds tasks to your list, while GenAI-powered chat provides personalized, actionable insights for your business and employees. Your federal and local payroll withholdings are also automatically calculated and guaranteed by ADP, making Roll a no-brainer for your business.

Why choose Roll?

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No (more) extra steps

No searching, scanning, and clicking! Just chat.
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No (more) worries

Payroll can be the last thing on your mind because it’s literally the only thing on Roll’s.
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No (more) late nights

At least not any that involve payroll (unless you want them to). 🥳

Ready To Roll?

No training. No long-term contract. No hassle.
Step one, download.
Install the app and onboard yourself in just 15 minutes.
Step two, chat.
Start running payroll ASAP. Just chat "Run my payroll".
Step three, pay.
Finish payroll in under a minute.

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