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Artisans Construction and Renovations owner, Garren, needed a faster, easier way to run payroll. Discover how Roll has helped him save time and costs.

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Author By Roll Editorial Team on March 31, 2023
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Artisans Construction & Renovations offers general contracting, remodeling and project management services for everything from home renovations to large commercial builds. Garren, owner, needed a faster, easier way to run payroll. Discover how Roll has helped him save time and costs. 

Doing payroll by hand was a hassle

After years of owning LLCs, I decided to open an S Corporation, just to make things a little more legitimate and professional. But I was still doing payroll by hand, which was a hassle, cutting checks at the end of the week and then driving around in 5 P.M. traffic on a Friday to make sure everyone got paid. And what if I go out of town, or one of my employees is on vacation?

My father-in-law uses ADP for his trucking company, so he suggested I call them. He said they could help break everything down for us and make it more manageable, especially once we started moving into Forms W-2. And we didn’t want to hire someone to do our payroll. I looked at a couple of local services, but with them, it seemed like I would still be doing almost all the work. Lots of emails, lots of questions all the time. It didn’t seem like it would save me any time or money.

With Roll, I can do payroll from anywhere

When I called ADP, they told me about their new app called ‘Roll.’ It was something I could do from my iPad or my phone as opposed to having to sit at my desktop. I could do it on the go. It sounded like a good fit. It was really easy to set up. And now, I can do payroll from anywhere — even if I’m on vacation. I just log in, pick the employee, put in their hours and hit “OK.” The whole thing takes maybe 60 seconds per employee. And the reminders let me know every week when it’s time to do payroll. ADP directly deposits the money in my employees’ accounts, which makes my life a lot easier. I don’t have to worry about mailing or delivering checks, or somebody not showing up for a day and then getting paid the wrong amount or not getting paid.

Payroll is a lot faster and easier

I used the chat function to change one of my workers from a 1099 to a W-2, and it was very quick and easy. I’ve shown the app to a bunch of other contractors who are all still using paper checks or cash. I told them, “You can do payroll for your whole company on your lunch break. It’s totally worth it.” Roll saves me money by saving me time, not to mention all the gas it takes to run around doing check delivery. You can do payroll whenever you have time instead of having to allot two or three hours to sit down at a desk somewhere. It’s all just a lot faster and easier.

What are you working for?

To make my kids happy and give them everything I didn’t have.


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