Gaining Time to Focus on the Business

Amanda has been a real-estate agent for 5 years. She decided to make her business official and launched an LLC. Learn how Roll by ADP has helped her get more time back in her day.

Real Estate agent handing the keys to a house to their client.
Author By Roll Editorial Team on February 03, 2023
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Doing payroll on my own took weeks

When I first formed my LLC, I tried to do payroll on my own, but it was very difficult. Making sure that I’m taking out Social Security and Medicaid and all that stuff — it was just too many steps. I was literally going to each individual website and calculating everything I needed to do to make sure that I paid everything correctly. The whole process was taking me weeks at a time.I knew I needed help, so I tried using Gusto. When I started the process, it was asking me all these questions about employees I don’t have, and I was like, this isn’t working for me. Then I was talking to somebody at ADP, and when I told him I didn’t have any employees, he told me about Roll, this app that lets me do payroll through my phone. I downloaded the app, and it’s like talking to somebody through a chat line. It says things like, “Are you ready for the next step? No? Okay, let’s save and continue for later.” That’s what I really enjoy about it. It asks me questions as opposed to making me guess: “I don’t know — am I this type of person or not? Do I fit these criteria or not?” It just asks me yes or no questions, and then gives me whatever information I need next. The setup was much easier than I expected.

What I’m working for

I am working for my family and to be able to provide them the kind of lifestyle that I would like them to have.

Roll lets me prioritize my business again 

Now payroll takes me like, two minutes. It’s so easy that I don’t have to think about it. And Roll even sends reminders when it’s time to do things, like, “Hey, you’ve got a week to start this process.” If I can’t do it then, I can just save it and get to it later. With Roll, I can once again prioritize making money instead of wasting my time figuring out payroll. It’s basically giving me my time back. And if I do have any issues, ADP is on top of it and gets back to me right away. They’re great at communicating. I would tell anyone with a business like mine to use Roll. It’s so easy, it’s a no-brainer.

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