Staying Focused On Stories Not Payroll

Discover how Roll by ADP has helped Kayleigh save time and enable her to uncover captivating stories in the Chicago area and beyond.

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Author By Roll Editorial Team on May 19, 2023
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Kayleigh's love of journalism began in college and has continued as a contributor to several local news publications in the Chicago area. Having her business for about a year, she finds inspiration in highlighting niche stories by covering art exhibits, the LGBTQ+ community and various shows scheduled to open throughout the city. She's working to diversify her writing while considering branching from local to national media in the future. Learn how Roll by ADP® has helped her save time and provided peace of mind, allowing her to focus on her love of writing and finding new stories to tell.

Finding a solution that works for her

I looked at other payroll options, but nothing stood out, especially because many are desktop-based. But my mom, who is kind of my financial advisor, recommended Roll. I liked it immediately because it’s an app on my phone, and I like that flexibility. Also, Roll teaches you as you go, which has helped me streamline what I need to do. I've learned more about what money is going where and what it's taking out, helping me better understand which financials are for my business and which are personal. And I like receiving reminders from Roll to run my payroll. It’s very helpful.

Initial concerns resolved quickly

At first, I was worried Roll would be time-consuming to set up and difficult to use. I thought it would just be an extra thing I had to do, and maybe I should just continue doing things like I had been. However, that hesitation disappeared quickly because the format with the texting just makes perfect sense to me. Getting prompted with step-by-step questions makes everything easy.

Removing the worry

Before using Roll, paying myself meant moving money between my bank accounts and then figuring out taxes later. With Roll, everything is seamless and easy. It's all squared away, and I know I don't have to double-check anything come tax time. I have peace of mind knowing I won’t have to worry about that on the back end.

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