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Check out how Roll by ADP has helped Lynnette, an occupational therapist, save time and focus on what she loves most.

Physical therapist with a patient.
Author By Roll Editorial Team on June 02, 2023
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Lynnette has been an occupational therapist for three years. Her career choice was inspired by therapists who made a strong impact on her life through the special needs care they provided to her son. Additionally, she works to bridge the disparity of care within the Hispanic community by providing therapy to patients and their families in their first language — Spanish. Learn how Roll by ADP has helped save time to focus on what she loves doing the most. 

Introduced to Roll by ADP

I was previously using Gusto and wasn’t necessarily looking to change. However, I thought they were a little pricey, but at the time it was the most inexpensive option I could find. My business is small, and I don’t need a lot. I chose Axos Bank because they’re a smaller bank and have tools designed to save small business owners, like myself, time and money. 

One day I received an email from Axos saying they were partnering with Roll by ADP, with an offer of four months free. I reviewed all terms and conditions and realized that after the promotional period, Roll will still be cheaper than what I was paying with Gusto. I said, “I like that — let’s see what Roll is all about.” 

Addressing initial concerns

Obviously, my biggest concern is that my payroll and taxes would be done correctly. However, another concern with switching payroll providers was being afraid it wasn’t going to be easy. ADP has a great reputation, so I trusted I wouldn’t have any problems. I’m happy to say I was right and making the switch to Roll was simple. Peace of mind from day one.

Convenience for the small business owner

As a small business owner, I’m always on the go. I need things that are convenient, easy to use and keep pace with my lifestyle. I love that I don’t have to be on a computer. With the Roll app on my phone, I can do whatever I need to from anywhere. I can take my son to soccer and set up payroll — or a new employee — while sitting in the car. I also like that Roll sends me reminders when payroll is due and prompts me through what I need to do — all on my phone. It’s that convenient!

Roll frees me up to do what I love

In my occupation, I love what I do but have enough responsibilities to manage without adding more. I’m a therapist, I don’t want to be a payroll manager. The ease and simplicity of Roll gives me more time to remain focused on doing what I love to do but helps me do what I need to do without the extra back-end work.

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