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Discover how Roll by ADP, empowers entrepreneurs like Shanae, founder of 'no cream in this coffee', by simplifying payroll management, so she can maintain her unwavering commitment to removing workplace hindrances.

Shanae Brown, founder, no cream in this coffee
Author By Roll Editorial Team on March 20, 2024
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Inspired by the disparities in pay equity and employment advancement for Black women, Shanae Brown decided to start her company to create leadership development opportunities that can help Black women overcome the unique barriers and challenges faced in the corporate environment. Learn how Roll by ADP has provided her the ease and flexibility of running her payroll, allowing her to remain steadfast and focused on removing the roadblocks that have historically limited exceptional talent from thriving at work.

Previous experience with ADP

Before using Roll, I had some experience with ADP’s payroll solutions. When I was an HR Generalist, I was involved in a divestiture, where the parent company was selling a portion of the business that I was part of to a private equity firm. As we started an entirely new company, I had to learn how to process payroll in two weeks! The ADP system we integrated was simple and user-friendly, with a fantastic integration team. I knew from my previous experience that I could trust ADP products.

A chance introduction

However, how I learned about Roll is another story altogether. I wasn’t even running payroll, but I had just started browsing what payroll solutions were out there because I was looking into how to bring contractors on board. Then, coincidentally, I received an email from my bank that included a promotion and details about Roll, which included everything I needed. I could onboard the contractors easily, set up their direct deposit and start paying them quickly.  It was perfect timing – talk about alignment! And because I trust in ADP, going with Roll is an easy decision.

Satisfying user experience

What I like about Roll is its simplicity and user-friendly design. It's incredibly easy to use and requires only a few steps to complete a task. I love the overall user experience. It’s amazing, and it meets all my needs. I don't have a large team or any full-time team members yet, but I'm excited to get to that point and witness new features and how the platform continues to grow in the future and support other small business owners like me.

Recommending Roll

In my opinion, the app is just so easy to use and convenient. I love that with the app, I can process payroll anytime, anywhere - especially if I’m ‘out and about’ and may have forgotten to get it done earlier in the day.

Learn more about Shanae and no cream in this coffee here.

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